Welcome to mongolia!

Its been a long road but we are finally here. Mongolia very beautiful but the roads are as you’d expect. Mostly dirt tracks and potholes. We are savouring the few miles of good roads we get as we get them.

We have also picked up a new convoy at the mongolian border and will hopefully be with them all the way to Ulan Baatar!

The road to Istanbul

We are currently sitting just inside the Turkish border where the insurance system is down and the guy running it is valiantly handling everything manually.

The journey here has not been withlut its troubles but weve met some great people and formed convoi exceptionel. Our humble band of mongol ralliers negotiated the launch party with all the style and grace you would expect of a screaming 4 year old.

But in all seriousness. Its been a blast and weve really enjoyed ourselves so far despite the long slogs between places.

Countdown to liftoff

It’s 3 days till we leave for our big adventure and we’re pretty much all set!

All we need is our Turkmenistan Letter of Invitation, fencing wire, rope, radios, rations, water, fuel, tools, sanity…

A big thanks to everyone who dressed up, came to see us off and signed the car. We will be thinking about you all when we are upside down in a ditch in Kazakstan leaking fluids from machine and bodily person.


We will be setting off on Friday the 13th (brilliant right?) and heading off to Dover to get the ferry to Calais. Then its off to Frankfurt and to the Glorious Peoples Republic of Adventuristan in Prague.

Good Luck Comrades!

The Beast Prepares for War

Over the last couple of weekends we’ve been doing a lot of work on the car both on inside, outside and in several places we’d hope to never visit again.

We’ve mounted our 4th team member (Edgar the Eagle) to the roof rack, spray painted everything we can find in the gaudiest shades of red, blue and gold we can find, we’ve put every sticker relevant to the rally and some not on the car. In other words we’ve just been having a great time decorating and getting the car road worthy.

A big thanks to our honorary 5th team member Turbo for teaching us the basics about car maintenance and helping us service the car!

Hold on for your life with Serious Climbing

A big thanks to our sponsor at Serious Climbing for supplying us with the holds for our car.

Serious climbing build climbing walls all over the country, provide rental shoes and sell some seriously good quality holds. You can see them bolted onto every available space on our car below!



We’ll be testing them out on the Rally as we blast along at 100 mph across the dusty expanses of Turkmenistan and Kaza… whoops… I mean, we will be completely stationary.

Again, many thanks to Serious Climbing, please go checkout their Facebook!