What’s been happening?!

Been a while…

Well… lots has been happening! We will begin increasing our blog posts as things start to heat up and more things happen as we get closer to kick off. For the most part it’s been behind the scenes planning and organising but there have been some chunky updates which we will get to.


We all received our Russian visas without any problems and sent off for our Uzbekistan ones straight away. The process was fairly painless but a bit convoluted in places. I won’t go into too much detail as there are plenty of blogs/information sites out there (which came in very handy), but the information on the embassy website was more than enough to get it sorted.

We’ve now had it confirmed out Uzbek visas are on the way, we will then be applying for the next and last difficult visa to obtain – Mongolia! Like the Russian visa we will need to go into London to apply for it, but if it goes like the Russian one did it shouldn’t be a problem. Then it’s the final few e-visas which are all painless and can be done just before we set off, although we’ll probably do them sooner rather than later just in case!

Our steed!

We have been making a lot of upgrades to our little Micra including adding the climbing holds sent to us by one of our sponsors Serious Climbing

We have also attached the spare tyres to the roof rack and worked out where we are going to put out trusty mascot Edgar the Eagle! More pics to come of the car development.



We are very excited to partner up with Klifbox, a bimonthly subscription package created by the organisation I love Climbing which provides high quality gear for all levels of climber in crazy box bundle every couple of months. They have provided us with a load of this gear which we are excited to start using as soon as it gets here!

We’ll be firing out more updates as they come with a load more pictures, watch this space!

The boys x

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