The Beast from the East

With the country under attack from the dreaded white stuff outside, thought it would be a good time for a Rally update.

Dan and adam

While my comrades are resortingto skis and snowboards just to get milk and bread, I’ve been stuck inside trying to catch up on Visas…

With a ton of countries in between us and Mongolia, many of them needing to know the first car your Fathers Uncles Best Friend bought, the paperwork has been piling up. Although it personally helped having a new passport as it meant I didn’t have to tell Russia every country I had been to in the last 10 years!

Mongal Car

At least our great stallion is in good shape, as you may have seen from our previous post (Danny going mega hulk on the car). Our first sponsor (Serious Climbing) has even promised us 60 climbing holds for our great steed. That way, if its gets too stuffy inside the car, we can just practice our crimps on the roof.

If anyone has any ideas to make our trip just that bit more crazy, then don’t be scared to message us, we are open to anything. A friend has already suggested bringing marker pens to allow the locals the chance to leave a message on our little old car.

And as always, we are still looking for donations to our fantastic charities that we are supporting on our race. So please contribute anything you can below:

Our next update will be our treks to London to negotiate our way into these countries no-one has ever heard of. Madeupistan embassy here we come!

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